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future development zone - category I operating area

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future development zone - category I operating area
Future development zones' may only be determined as a consecutive zoning under § 12 section 4 or in the case of rezonings, ruled in § 23 sec. 2 lit. a, Code of Spatial Planning of Vorarlberg. Land, that is not suitable as building zones, must not be zoned in future development zones. Future development zones can be subdivided into core-, residential-, mixed- or operating areas. Category I operating areas are areas that are intended for operating facilities that do not cause any significant disturbance to the vicinity of the operating area. In the operating area of Category I, the construction of apartments is permitted for those employed in businesses in the area concerned, as well as buildings and facilities that serve the supply and social needs of the population working in such areas. If this is necessary according to the circumstances relevant for spatial planning, zones can be defined in the operating area Category I for the purpose of securing suitable areas for production companies in which buildings and facilities according to Paragraph 6, second sentence lit. a, b or c are not permitted.
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