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building zone - category II operating area

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building zone - category II operating area
Building zones in the zoning plan (of a municipality) are built-up areas and areas, that are suitable for building due to the natural conditions and are needed as building zones in a foreseeable time, but within 7 years at the longest, and where services can be provided within that time limit. Building zones must be divided into core areas, residential-, mixed- or operating areas, according to necessity and expediency. Category II operating areas are areas, which are primarily destined for operating facilites, that must not be be errected in category I operating areas. In category II operating areas must not be built a) appartments, with the exception of operationally necessary appartments for the supervisory- and maintenance staff, if they are integrated into the business, b) buildings and facilities for sports or leisure purposes c) buildings and facilities for the purpose of trade, provided that the trade does not take place exclusively for the resale of non-basic goods or subordinately in production plants for the sale of goods of predominantly own production.
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