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gravitational slope deformation

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gravitational slope deformation
A general term for the dislodgement and downslope transport of soil and rock material under the direct application of gravitational body stresses. In contrast to other erosion processes, the debris removed by mass wasting is not carried within, on, or under another medium. The mass properties of the material being transported depend on the interaction of the soil and rock particles and on the moisture content. Mass wasting includes slow displacements, such as creep and solifluction, and rapid movements such as rockfalls, rockslides, and cohesive debris flows (Jackson, 1997, p. 392). Includes both subaerial mass-wasting processes and subaqueous mass-wasting processes.
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Label Governance level Status
deep seated slope deformation national-technical Valid
mediumSeated national-technical Valid
shallow seated national-technical Valid
torrents national-technical Valid
boulder fall national-technical Valid
stone fall national-technical Valid
landslides national-technical Valid
rock fall national-technical Valid