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west styrian Riedelland

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west styrian Riedelland
Quite well established name for the reedland west of the Mur, which is built up from tertiary loose rocks and is divided by the wide valleys of Sulm, Lassnitz and Kainach into 4 separate, physiognomically however very similar parts. The boundary to the Styrian mountain range is often developed as a sharp bend in the slope and is therefore clearly defined. Only to the Voitsberger and Gratkorner basins and to the Graz mountain range there are flowing transitions and leave a relatively high subjective leeway in the drawing of the boundary. At the edge of the Graz field, the Kaiserwald (Old Pleistocene gravel plate) and at the edge of the Leibnitz field, the Wildoner Berg (small, karstified plateau overburden of tertiary Leithakalk, 550 m high in the Buchkogel) have been identified as clearly delimitable subspaces. (Author: Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Karl LIEB)
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