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Woelzer Tauern

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Woelzer Tauern
Well established name for the largest sub-area of the alpine Styria between the Soelkpass in the W and the Poelstal furrow in the E. It is a high mountain area built up of crystalline rocks (predominantly mica slate) (highest peak Rettelkirchspitz, 2475 m), which only in the extreme N with low mountain range-like forms has a share in the greywacke zone (lower parts of the catchment areas of Donnersbach and Gulling as well as around the high valley floor of Lassing). The Rottenmanner Tauern (Gr. Boesenstein, 2449 m), which has been designated as a sub-area, holds a special geological and topographical position in the NE, beyond the valley furrows of Strechen and Poelsen. (Author: Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Karl LIEB)
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