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lower Murtal

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lower Murtal
Sorrowfully established name for the extra-alpine Murtal below its bend from an approximate N-S to W-E course. It is a spacious valley filled with fluvial and fluvioglacial sediments, which is divided into several terraced levels. The boundary to the northern adjoining East Styrian Riedelland was defined by the upper edge of the rift-temporal terrace area (line B in the maps), since all older Quaternary terraces can physiognomically not be counted as valley area any more; a delimitation of a valley area in the narrower sense, excluding the rift terrace, might seem reasonable from a pedological point of view (line A in the maps), but is not recommended in the present context. The demarcation against the Leibnitz field is difficult and was entered in accordance with the mentioned change of direction of the Mur. A subdivision of the area into the Mureck field in the W and the Radkersburg field in the E is sometimes found in the literature (e.g. Mang 1984), but is not carried out here for lack of reasonable delimitation; only the Abstaller field (Apasko polje) on the Slovenian side is clearly defined in its extent. (Author: Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Karl LIEB)
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