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Seckauer Tauern

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Seckauer Tauern
Well-established name for the easternmost part of the Niedere Tauern, but the local population rather calls it the Seckau Alps. Main rocks of the high mountain range (highest peak Geierhaupt, 2417 m) are orthogneiss and quartzite, in the SW also mica slate, only in the N a part of the area belongs to the greywacke zone. The Gaaler Hoehenzug (Wildinger Hoehe, 1731 m) is an independent sub-area in the S, which is connected to the high mountain region as a ponderous forest ridge at Sommertoerl, 1644 m, and borders the Judenburg-Knittelfeld basin in the N or separates the Seckau sub-basin from it with its eastern spur. (Author: Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Karl LIEB)
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