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east styrian Riedelland

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east styrian Riedelland
Rather well established name for the reedlands east of the Mur, built up from tertiary loose rocks, which are divided by the wide valleys of Raab, Feistritz and Lafnitz (as well as some further brooks not considered in the present classification) into 3 separate, physiognomically however very similar parts. The border to the mountains is locally differently sharply formed, most indistinctly in the SW of Weiz and in the Poellauer Bucht. In the gusset between Lafnitz and Feistritz as well as at the northern edge of the Lower Mur valley, larger areas are occupied by Old Pleistocene plates, and locally, in the SE of the area, small mountain lands or elevations, built up from volcanic rocks of the Tertiary, emerge from the reedlands. Of these, the three largest have been highlighted as sub-areas (Stradner Kogel, 609 m, Gleichenberger Koegel, 598 m, and Kloecher Massiv, 462 m), although it must be noted that they are difficult to delimit. (Author: Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Karl LIEB)
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