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Upper Murtal

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Upper Murtal
In itself quite well established designation, which is used however frequently only for the Mur valley above Judenburg and not as in the present classification for the entire longitudinal valley section of the Mur within the Mur-Muerz furrow. This valley area is divided into two different parts, very different in terms of nature and culture, on either side of the Judenburg-Knittelfeld basin. The area above it lies entirely within the Central Alps, was glaciated during the Cold Ages, and has a relatively low population density and only a weak industrial character. In contrast, the Upper Mur valley below the narrows of KraSteiermarkth forms the border between the Central and Northern Alps (Gleinalpe and Muerztaler Alps) over about two thirds of its length, is largely filled with fluvioglacial sediments, and is a densely populated industrial conurbation, especially between Leoben and Bruck. (Author: Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Karl LIEB)
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