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eastern Graz Highlands

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eastern Graz Highlands
Well-established name for the low mountain range on both sides of the Mur in the N of Graz, which is mainly composed of weakly metamorphic rocks of the Palaeozoic. It is a morphologically very diversely structured area, whereby the rock stock with tendentially gentler forms in silicate and steeper forms in carbonate rocks (hint of high mountain character in the area of the highest peak, the Hochlantsch, 1720 m) plays a major role in the differentiation of the landscape. The boundary is complicated in the W and S in its course, a clear subdivision results from the Mur valley in a western and an eastern part. The assignment to the Styrian border mountains can be criticized from a geological point of view.  (Author: Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Karl LIEB)
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