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Muerztaler Alps

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Muerztaler Alps
Little common name for the middle mountain range, which is broken through by several transverse valleys and forested up to the summit level (Thalerkogel, 1655 m) and separates the Mur-Muerz-furrow (upper Mur valley, lower and middle Mur valley) from the parallel, but only incompletely developed longitudinal valley and basin alignment at the southern foot of the northern alpine high mountains (Trofaiacher and Aflenzer basin). The train consists in its outermost W of weakly metamorphic rocks of the greywacke zone, in the center and in the E however of higher metamorphic central alpine crystalline, within which in the outermost E the high proportion of carbonatic rocks (Semmering Mesozoic) is to be emphasized. The northern boundary has a complicated course. (Author: Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Karl LIEB)
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