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Middle Ennstal

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Middle Ennstal
Well-established name for the sectionally very broadly developed valley of the Enns valley between the southern foot of the Grimming and the entrance to the Gesaeuse. The valley floor is particularly flat and was also filled with lakes several times after the retreat of the glaciation of the Wuerm Cold Period, which caused groundwater conditions that deviated from those of most other main valleys in Styria. Especially in the area around Irdning, which has certain features of an inner-alpine basin, the boundary beyond the actual valley floor was extended relatively far to the gently formed lower slopes of the Niedere Tauern, thus including the prominent elevation of the Kulm near Aigen in this area. Despite its only vague boundary upstream (to W), the Middle Enns Valley (also called Mitterenn Valley) has many independent geographical features. (Author: Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Karl LIEB)
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