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Judenburg-Knittelfelder basin

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Judenburg-Knittelfelder basin
Suffering well established name for the largest inner-alpine basin of Styria. In the population, usually only one of the two cities is used for naming, unless the local names Aichfeld (north of the Mur) and Murboden (south of the Mur) are used at all, which are only valid for the young Quaternary terrace areas above Knittelfeld, i.e. only for parts of the basin in the relevant sense. The basin filling consists predominantly of fluvioglacial sediments, which build up extensive terrace corridors, but also of Tertiary loose material with reed relief - large parts of the Tertiary were however assigned to the Styrian Border Mountains (areas around the lower Feistritz, Lobming and Gleinbach) due to their high relief energy. Because of its strongly independent features, the Seckau Basin, which forms part of the Seckauer Tauern, was highlighted as a sub-area, but its boundaries to the rest of the Judenburg-Knittelfeld Basin are quite arbitrary. (Author: Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Karl LIEB)
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