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Gurktaler Alps

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Gurktaler Alps
Also on the Styrian side quite well established name for the multifarious mountain area between the Upper Mur valley and the Neumarkter pass landscape. In the E rather low mountain range character prevails, after W increasingly high mountain character (Eisenhut, 2441 m), in the structure beside crystalline rocks (particularly in the area between Predlitzwinkel and Paalgraben) above all weakly metamorphic Murau Palaeozoic is involved. This is particularly prominent in the landscape in the case of carbonate formations, which is why the limestone stock of the Grebenzen, 1892 m (karst plateau), was also highlighted as a sub-area. For the small Styrian part of the Gurktaler Alps east of the Olsa, Guttaringer Bergland was borrowed from SEGER 1992 as a sub-area name, which is unusual on the Styrian side. (Author: Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Karl LIEB)
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