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Ennstaler Alps

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Ennstaler Alps
In the geographical and alpinistic literature established, with the population however hardly used name for the lime high alps on both sides of the break-through of the Enns by these in the Gesaeuse. They are predominantly composed of carbonate rocks of the Triassic period and possess predominantly high mountain character of the chain mountain type, which is classically developed in the western part of the area, the Haller Mauern (Gr. Pyhrgas, 2244 m), while the Gesaeuse mountains as the eastern part (Hochtor, 2369 m) are broken up into individual, physiognomically particularly impressive massifs. The boundary largely follows striking depth contours, only in the S, the border to the Eisenerz Alps was not drawn in the main valleys but, in accordance with the geological conditions, through side valleys and over low saddles. (Author: Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Karl LIEB)
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