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Eisenerzer Alps

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Eisenerzer Alps
Well-established name for the mountain range that borders the Liesing-Paltental furrow in the N, with a predominant high mountain character. Due to the location of the southern border of the Ennstaler Alps, two mountain massifs (Lahngangkogel, 1778 m, and Duerrenschoeberl, 1737 m), topographically isolated from this main ridge, fall in the extreme W. Also in the E, there are two particularly independent deposits, each developed as mighty high mountain massifs of the plateau type, which were also marked as independent subregions: These are the Kaiserschildgruppe (Hochkogel, 2105 m) north of the Radmerhals, which, in contrast to the other Iron Ore Alps belonging to the Paleozoic Greywacke Zone, is geologically part of the Northern Limestone Alps, and the Stock des Reiting (Goeßeck, 2214 m), south of the Hoheneck. (Author: Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Karl LIEB)
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