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Well-established name for a massif of the Northern Limestone Alps, which is built predominantly of Triassic limestones (Dachstein limestone) and is extremely karstified, with a predominant high mountain character of the plateau type, culminating in the High Dachstein, 2995 m. The boundary of the area is clearly defined on all sides, but also includes two limestone massifs, the Sarstein, 1975 m, in the N (beyond the Koppenschlucht) and the Grimming, 2351 m, in the E (beyond the Steinpass), which are sharply separated from the central part of the area by deeply carved breakthrough valleys, as well as low deposits at the edge of the Enns Valley. These have the character of low mountain ranges in the sense of Tyrolean linguistic usage (old valley floor remnants that have been strongly glacially reshaped with relative heights of mostly about one hundred to several hundred meters above the bottom of the main valley) and include the Ramsauterrasse and the Groebminger Mitterberg. (Author: Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Karl LIEB)
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