Austrian INSPIRE

Austrian code list register

Austrian code list register
Content Summary:
The austrian code list register contains the code lists and their values, as defined in the INSPIRE implementing rules on interoperability of spatial data sets and services (Commission Regulation (EU) No 1089/2010).
Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA)
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CCCA Data Centre
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Code Lists

Label Themes Application schema Parents Status
Specific Exposed Element Type for Austria Valid
Zone Type Code Austria Extension Valid
Specific Hazard Type Valid
Nature protection categories Valid
LISA Land Cover Class Valid
Directive Relevance Valid
OGD Categories Valid
Plan Type Name Valid
specific Landuse Valid
Land Use Classification Valid
specialised Zone Type Code Austria Valid
Physiogeographic Ecoregions Valid
Physiogeographic Ecoregions Styria Valid
National habitat types in Austria Valid
generalized habitatcomplexes Valid
Specific Land Use AT Valid
Forest Inventory Type Valid
INVEKOS Feldstuecksnutzungsart Valid
INVEKOS Referenzart Valid
INVEKOS Schlagnutzungsart Valid
BGL Land Use Value Valid
KTN Land Use Value Valid
SBG Land Use Value Valid
NOE Land Use Value Valid
STM Land Use Value Valid
specific exposed element type of WLV Valid
specific exposed element type Valid
BORIS Soil Type S172 Valid
BORIS Soil Type S322 Valid
BORIS Soil Type S33 Valid
Biotop Type Wildlife Corridor Valid
VBG Land Use Value Valid
specific exposed area regarding GZP Valid
OOE Land Use Value Valid
Zone Type Code Styria Valid